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Sooooo many friends. So many. And I love them all.

They all brooooonies.

tjrand and ashleyytunes. Thought you guys would admire this! I love how this one event every year brings so many amazing and great people together! Its more than just a drift event, its a brounion!

tolowforfathoes asked:

Hey i was wondering if you could help me out, i am looking to import a s13. Problem im having is i want a coupe with the pop up lights like the 240sx coupe. I understand the 180sx is a hatch and the silvia is the coupe variant of the 180. Is there a 180sx coupe? If not am i better off going silvia and later on doing a front end conversion?


Im assuming by import, you mean from japan. If so, from what I am aware silvias always came with sil front and 180s always came with pop up. While north america only got pop up front on both coupe and hatch. I vaguely remember something about Kids Heart doing some of the first sil80 (silvia front on the 180sx chassis) and that possibly being offered as a factory option in some dealerships? I am probably wrong about that last part though.

Quite often you can find the coupe with the pop up front though, the nickname for them is onevia’s (180sx front silvia rear). If you use the ‘onevia’ keyword in your searches you will have a lot better luck finding what you are looking for.

And if you can find it already done, the swap should be pretty straight forward aside from wiring the pop ups to work. I would think anyway, i’ve never done it so I dont know if the pop up headlight mounting points are still there on the silvias.

I have found a couple of Silvia’s with pop up fronts on trade car of the last 2 years. Was never a factory options though.

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